Welsh Marketing Associates is the consulting company of Jerry C. Welsh.

Mr. Welsh began his career in education, teaching Russian language and literature at University of Memphis, the University of Tennessee, and elsewhere. Deeply interested in the Russian people and fluent in Russian, he instituted a student visitation program at a time when the Soviet Union was a largely a closed society, believing that his students could not fully appreciate a culture they had not experienced first-hand.

Transitioning to New York's corporate world as a young father of three, Mr. Welsh rose through the ranks of American Express Company under the tutelage of Lou Gerstner and Jim Robinson to become head of Worldwide Marketing. It is in this role that he conceived of and launched the first Cause-Related Marketing initiative, a blend of traditional marketing and philanthropic appeal.

The now famous CRM program on behalf of American Express to raise money for the restoration of the Statue of Liberty revolutionized the way companies viewed their potential to do well for their businesses while doing good for society.

Since that extraordinarily successful campaign, Cause-Related Marketing has become a global business phenomenon and is considered to have grown business revenues and increased market share for companies, while it has raised several billions of dollars for charity.

After leaving American Express, Mr. Welsh briefly served as head of Marketing and Strategic Development for E. F. Hutton Group, Inc.until its acquisition by Shearson Lehman Brothers, then formed Welsh Marketing Associates.

As President of WMA, Mr. Welsh has consulted with organizations in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds—Philip Morris, Ben & Jerry's, Gateway, Coca-Cola, Wunderman, Special Olympics, and others—to address issues involving corporate and product positioning, strategic planning and resource development, event and sponsorship execution, crisis management, advertising, marketing, and public relations. Today, he is deeply interested in the rise of China and its impact on branding, product development, and corporate positioning, and the role of Internet-enabled technologies to deliver solutions to companies facing training and other communications challenges globally.

In his personal time, Mr. Welsh is an avid runner, reader, and motorcycle enthusiast. A six-time finisher of the Boston Marathon, Mr. Welsh was the first person from New York State ever to complete the Western States 100 Mile Run.
Jerry C. Welsh